Korea Court Martial Defense Lawyer

Charged With a Military Crime?

If you are under investigation for committing a crime in the military, or are facing formal charges, you need to contact a Korea court martial defense lawyer immediately. Without experienced legal representation, you are at a distinct disadvantage. The entities involved in the trying of your case possess unlimited financial resources, and their primary goal is to secure a guilty verdict and enforce criminal penalties. Before you have even been charged, law enforcement agents will likely have built an extensive case against you. Your reputation may already have been tarnished by command, and you will be viewed as guilty before the trial even starts. By hiring an experienced military defense attorney, you will be leveling the playing field and giving yourself a much stronger chance of a positive case result.

Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC has provided aggressive criminal defense representation in hundreds of court martial cases. Our attorney team does not care if you are guilty or innocent. Our primary concern is winning your case and seeing that your rights are fully protected. Regardless of the strength of the evidence against you, we will fight hard against a conviction. We do not believe in systematically pleading guilty on our clients' behalf, and will only do so when it is in a client's best interest. If there is any chance of securing an acquittal in your case, we will work diligently towards taking it all the way to successful outcome.

Avoid a Guilty Verdict in Your Military Criminal Case

In the military, the overall conviction rate hovers around 90%. The defense is typically outnumbered five to one by members of the prosecution, and their assistants. It is not uncommon for law enforcement agents to tell untruths in an effort to aid a conviction. In the face of all of this, many military defendants simply roll over and plead guilty. If you do this, you are denying yourself a legitimate chance to secure a fair and just outcome to your case. Let our firm provide you with legal representation that will give you a fighting chance of beating the charges against you.

Contact a Korea court martial defense attorney immediately if you are a military serviceperson facing criminal charges.