Your future and reputation rest on a single decision: your choice of a defense team

Don’t be surprised if the majority of attorneys you speak with tell you to plead guilty in a case involving the possession or distribution of child pornography. Even if they don’t have all the facts regarding your case, even if they’ve scarcely heard your story, they’ll tell you that if you’ve been accused of this crime, they already have the evidence they need to put you behind bars.

Listen to these men and women at your own risk. The truth is they have nothing resting on your case. They could often care less whether you’re accused or not. They often care more about wrapping up your case and moving on to the next.

What they don’t understand is that you’re different. You refuse to blindly plead guilty and you will do whatever it takes to fight for your innocence in court. Because you understand exactly what’s at stake if you’re found guilty; you understand that it’s more than just the prison time, the mandatory filing as a sex offender, the dishonorable discharge. It’s your reputation that’s on the line. And you’re willing to fight tooth and nail to maintain it.

We know what it takes to win child pornography cases

Child pornography cases come down to forensic evidence and testimony, aggressive cross-examination techniques, and an effective strategy. Your defense team must be capable at all three to stand a chance at leaving your trial with a clean slate.

Forensic evidence is the backbone upon which almost every child pornography defense rests. Bilecki & Tipon is aware of this, which is why we’ve identified leading forensic experts capable of assisting us with child pornography cases. Our experts review hard drives for time stamps, deleted files, user information and file properties. We’re usually able to determine from this evidence whether or not reasonable doubt exists. Was the accused service member the only individual using the computer? Could others have had access to it? With enough forensic evidence, these questions can stop a jury from convicting you outright. Could this simply be a case where a service member was chatting with a minor – whom he didn’t know was a minor – who sent him naked or sexual photos?

But this is only part of winning a child pornography case. Strong cross examination skills and a winning strategy must also be present. The government will attack you with their own forensic experts, and your defense team must be able to break down that testimony in a way that creates doubt about the accused service member’s role in the child pornography. Furthermore, no case can be won without a solid defense strategy in place to begin with. Bilecki & Tipon never walks into court without a plan. It’s what separates us from other law firms and allows us to win cases that others considered unwinnable.

This may be the most important decision you’ll ever make

A child pornography conviction will change your life forever. It could leave you a pariah of society, with little to no support from family and friends. Your decision in a defense team may be the ultimate deciding factor in whether or not you keep the life you have, or see it taken from you.

You deserve a fair trial, a fair shot, a fair fight. If you’re accused of possessing or distributing child pornography and you need a defense team that can turn your trial around, then contact the law firm of Bilecki & Tipon TODAY at (800) 996-9747.