Defense investigations in Korea

From background checks to crime scene evidence gathering—our investigations turn unwinnable cases to victories

The best defense is a good offense. And there’s no better offense in court than one founded on powerful evidence and witness testimony. Bilecki & Tipon has achieved incredible results in court by conducting our own private defense investigations. We have the ability to – and often do – deploy our attorneys and investigators directly to Korea to conduct investigations, strategic interviews and evidence gathering. The evidence and testimony we discover can utterly devastate the prosecution’s plans, forcing them to drop their strategy altogether or remain on the defensive throughout the entire court martial hearing.

Our case history is full of examples of how we took the prosecution by surprise with a single piece of evidence discovered at the crime scene, or how we located a witness with testimony that undermined the story or character of the supposed victim. Furthermore, if there’s evidence out there that law enforcement ignored or left behind, there’s a high chance that we’ll find it and put it to good use in the courtroom.

Our defense investigations can be as comprehensive as you need them to be

Are you concerned that law enforcement didn’t conduct a proper investigation into your crime scene? We’ll fly to the location and revisit it ourselves. Have we concluded that our primary goal is to undermine the victim’s credibility and story? We can conduct a private background and record check and speak with people who know the victim well. Is there a person of interest that could prove to be the key to an acquittal? We can conduct a surveillance operation that could discover the truth behind the crime.

More than any other law firm defending court martial cases in Korea and the Pacific Rim today, Bilecki & Tipon has access to the specialists, the experts, and the teams that can make these kinds of investigations possible. With enough time and funding, it’s possible to develop a case that leaves the prosecution entirely unprepared. The barrage of new evidence and testimony in the right hands can outright convince a jury that the prosecution is either woefully inept or never had enough evidence to convict a service member in the first place.

We’ve consistently offered these and other investigative services to service members stationed in Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Hawaii:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Record Checks
  • Surveillance
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Witness Location
  • Strategic Witness Interviews
  • Cell Phone Recovery
  • Computer Forensics

These are our most sought after—and effective—investigative services, and we can offer some or all of them depending on your needs.

Putting your trust in the prosecution’s evidence is a one-way ticket to a conviction

The prosecution thinks they’re going to come into your trial and walk all over you, just like they do with every other service member that they convict. With a 90% conviction rate, it’s no wonder why they believe they’ll do the same to you as to the guy before.

A private investigation by Bilecki & Tipon could be the right hook that wins your case. If you’d like to learn more about how we can turn the tides of your court martial, contact us TODAY at (800) 996-9747.