Gomor Rebuttals in Korea

Service Members that Truly Value Their Military Career Cannot Risk a GOMOR in Their Permanent File

Some service members consider a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand (GOMOR) as a just a warning. You, however, see it for what it is: a stain on your permanent record; a reason to be passed up for promotion; a glass ceiling that will ultimately end your steady rise up the ranks. A GOMOR could very well mean an end to your military career before it ever truly begins. And that simply isn’t an option for a member of the armed forces that cares deeply about their country and future.

Thankfully, there’s a system in place which allows service members to challenge a GOMOR. This is known as a GOMOR rebuttal. GOMOR rebuttals are written up with the goal of convincing a commanding officer to drop the GOMOR completely from the service member’s permanent file. While any service member can write up a GOMOR rebuttal, the most effective ones are written by a legal expert. This is especially true in cases where a service member may have violated the UCMJ, but the charges were not enough to be taken to Courts-Martial.

A gomor rebuttal is much more than just an impassioned plea to a Commanding general

The reason why GOMOR rebuttals are so successful in the hands of an experienced defense attorney is because the attorney works to build a case for the service member on paper. This could mean gathering evidence that could exonerate the service member of the crime he or she supposedly committed. It could mean locating and preparing testimony of other service members that can support the narrative of the service member in question. It could mean gathering up character references to demonstrate to the Commanding General officer that one lapse of judgment shouldn’t impede upon the rise of a very capable member of the U.S. Military. We’ve even successfully utilized the Commanding General’s open door policy to personally brief the CG on your rebuttal.

Regardless of how a GOMOR rebuttal is designed, it can be vastly augmented by a capable and experienced defense attorney. This is why so many service members throughout Korea and the Pacific Rim have requested GOMOR rebuttals from Bilecki & Tipon. Our expert legal team can craft convincing and persuasive arguments for why a GOMOR is not warranted. And we can back this written document up with evidence, sworn statements, and anything else that will support the complete and total removal of the GOMOR from your permanent record.

One piece of paper could end your career

A GOMOR will not remain a secret for long. Every time you’re up for promotion and every time a dream assignment comes up, the people making that decision will almost always have access to this document. If you’re planning on retiring, a GOMOR could trigger a Grade Determination Board that could cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars if you’re retired at a lower grade. For anyone that cherishes his or her military career, a GOMOR is simply not an option.

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