Are you prepared to handle the tough questions and accusations of a high profile case?

A single YouHiTube video, a biased report on an affiliate news channel, or a lone government official can set off a firestorm in today’s social-media infused society. In 24 hours, your case could explode out into both the Korean and the American media scene. Suddenly you’re the talk of major news networks and network affiliates. And if your attorneys cannot steer the case narrative in a positive direction, you can be sure the prosecution will take the wheel and promote their own initiatives without anyone to refute them.

No one expects his or her case to go viral. But this doesn’t mean they can’t prepare beforehand, or make a strategic correction in their choice of a court martial defense attorney midway through the trial. Bilecki & Tipon has been called upon in such cases to turn an otherwise hopeless media scenario into a PR victory. And unlike many other law firms taking court martial cases across Korea and the Pacific Rim today, we have the journalistic connections, the PR skills, and the media presence necessary to dramatically shift the conversation in your favor.

Bilecki & Tipon has unrivaled experience in PR and Media relations

Few other law firms can boast the level of media and journalistic connections as that of Bilecki & Tipon. Many of the high profile cases that we’ve handled have been seen on major media networks such as CNN, Fox News, E! Entertainment, and USA Today. We’ve also provided consulting work for critically acclaimed shows and documentaries for CNN, CBS, and many other networks. Not only have we developed the necessary connections during this time, we’ve also gained experience on air. It’s only after you hire a defense attorney and see them stumbling through key talking points in front of thousands (and even millions) of people that you realize just how important this skill is.

That is, of course, if your defense attorney can even speak in front of a camera. A defense counsel that’s been detailed to you by the military is prohibited from discussing your case to anyone with a media connection. It doesn’t matter whether the media is speculating on your case or a pundit is assassinating your character on live television, your attorney won’t be able to do a thing about it.

even if you win your case, your character could be irreparably damaged by a poorly conceived media plan

The damage that media scrutiny can do to your future can be permanent and impossible to repair. When it comes to a high profile case, it is absolutely critical that you hire attorneys with media connections that are just as capable of defending you on air as they are in court.

If you have a case that you expect could go viral, or is already being picked up by major news networks, then ONE call to Bilecki & Tipon could save your future and your reputation. Call our law firm anytime, day or night, at (800) 996-9747.