LARCENY and financial fraud DEFENSE LAWYER in Korea

Fraud charges could utterly devastate your financial future and even put you behind bars

Larceny and financial fraud charges can have ruinous consequences for service members unlucky enough to be accused of them. Even if you’re caught up in a sting operation and your only fault is a simple misunderstanding, you could be facing a dishonorable discharge, heavy fines, and possible incarceration. For service members that have more extensive fraud charges, this sentencing could be magnified exponentially.

A charge of fraud or larceny is the equivalent to knocking down a hornet’s nest. Run all you want, the government will relentlessly hunt you down and remorselessly attack you until you’ve got nothing left. Bilecki & Tipon has seen cases where a service member’s military benefits, home, and savings were wiped out from such accusations, without care for the service member’s relatives or family. And don’t expect the government to stop there. Once they’ve finished with your finances, they could easily demand that you pay in time—with months or even years of incarceration.

The government expects only a token resistance from you

Military prosecutors have consistently maintained a 90% conviction rate for years. They’ve become so accustomed to winning that they can be caught completely off guard by a well-prepared defense team. What the prosecution expects is to run roughshod over an inexperienced military defense attorney or an unprepared discount law firm. They expect you to not take your charges seriously. They imagine you’ll be convinced to take a plea deal after being told you stand no chance in court.

The law firm of Bilecki & Tipon has spent years working on financial fraud and larceny charges, both in Korea and throughout the Pacific Rim. Our court strategies are founded on a solid understanding of the law and financial practices. The last thing that military prosecutors want to see is us. They’re not prepared for a possible independent investigation into the case, with new witnesses, new evidence, and a bulletproof theory of defense. These activities will catch them off guard time and time again, allowing the defense to take the offensive and dramatically improve the chances of a not guilty verdict.

A fraud or larceny charge could endanger everything you’ve worked so hard to build

It should never be a simple matter for the government to take away a service member’s job, freedom, and future opportunities. They should expect a fight from the minute the service member is accused of the crime to the day the final verdict is read in court.

If you’re accused of a financial fraud or larceny charge in the military, then it’s critical that you speak with one of our experienced court martial lawyers as soon as possible. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to set up your initial consultation with Bilecki & Tipon. (800) 996-9747.