a minor violation may forever leave you wondering how far you could’ve gone in you military career

Non-judicial punishment, also known as an Article 15, “Captain’s Mast” or “Office Hours,” is a minor disciplinary action with major repercussions to your military career. It’s very easy for a service member to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they’ve been spared a court martial. But for anyone who values their career in the armed forces and has high aspirations for their future in the military, an Article 15 NJP could derail those hopes and leave them wondering “what if…” for the rest of their lives.

Your Article 15 likely came from a minor infraction that by itself shouldn’t be enough to destroy your military career. Bilecki & Tipon believes that if you’ve had a disciplined and capable record up to now, then you deserve a fighting chance at being found not guilty and having your NJP dropped from your permanent record. As a U.S. service member, you typically have the right to request a court martial to refute your Article 15. You also have the right to attain capable legal representation with experience handling Article 15 cases.

Additionally, the decision of your NJP could be left up to your commanding officer, (who may also be influenced by his commanding officer). In some scenarios, this may be the better option. It all depends on the violations and risks involved in your particular Article 15 case.

how important is it that an Article 15 NOt be on your permanent record?

Everyone from commanding officers and promotion boards to reenlistment agents and military bureaucrats will have access to your permanent military files. This means that an NJP could potentially influence reenlistment bonuses, promotions in rank, duty assignments, and much, much more. It could also serve as the basis for your administrative separation from the military.

It’s impossible to know for sure just how much an article 15 will cost you in the long run. One missed promotion could eventually cost you tens of thousands of dollars over just a few years. A failure to increase in rank could force you out of the military entirely. It’s even possible to apply for reenlistment and not have it granted. It’s for all of these reasons that an NJP should be taken seriously from the start. The longer it remains in your permanent record, the greater the harm it could be causing to your ambitions and future.

If you’re unsure about what to do with your Article 15, then it’s time to contact Bilecki & Tipon

As a service member fighting an Article 15 in Korea, you probably have more questions than answers. You’re likely wondering how to move forward with a court martial trial—or whether to move forward with one at all.

One call to Bilecki & Tipon LLLC could help you answer those questions and begin the process of fighting your non-judicial punishment. If you’re intent upon fighting your NJP and you need a legal team with a record of securing positive outcomes for its clients, then contact Bilecki & Tipon TODAY at (800) 996-9747.