Third-Party polygraph tests in Korea

Trust a third party over law enforcement to deliver polygraph results you can trust

Never under any circumstances is it a good idea to take a polygraph test in the custody of law enforcement. This may seem like common sense; and yet every year, hundreds of service members take polygraph tests in law enforcement custody—and utterly regret it afterward.

You could be innocent of any crime and feel obligated to prove it. You could be guilty but think you can outsmart the machinery. It doesn’t matter why you’re taking the test. It doesn’t even matter what the results of your test are. The truth is your interrogators will use the results to attempt to secure an admission of guilt from you. They already know a polygraph can’t be used in court. But they’re betting that you don’t know that. So they’ll have you take it and lie to your face about the results, all in a bid to secure a confession and an easy court martial victory.

Bilecki & Tipon has seen too many service members get convicted because of confessions they made after taking a polygraph test in law enforcement custody. These cases could’ve turned out very different had these individuals chosen to take the polygraph test with an unbiased third party.

Third party polygraph tests: why they matter

You want to prove your innocence, and you believe a polygraph test is exactly what you need to do so. But you also want to see and touch the real results of your test, not hear them spoken by the interrogator that suspects you of wrongdoing. It’s for this reason that we can utilize a vetted third party polygrapher, where you can take the test and confirm the results for yourself.

This also puts the power of those test results in your hands. With a capable defense team, you could conceivably convince the military to drop the charges against you. In this scenario, you have all the control, and law enforcement is left with one less tool in their toolbox to secure an easy conviction in court.

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Remember, a polygraph test cannot be used against you in court. But it CAN be used to pressure you into making a confession. It’s likely that if law enforcement is going through the trouble of having you take a polygraph test, they’re already planning on filing charges against you anyway, regardless of the outcome.

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