avoid becoming just another casualty in the war against sexual assault

How is it possible that the military’s prosecutors can attain a conviction rate of around 90% in sexual assault cases? Why is it that even the most minor violations are picked up by military law enforcement? Why, after years of consistently declining numbers of sexual assault violations, is the government ramping up efforts to identify and convict anyone suspected of a sexual assault violation?

We can answer all three questions in three words: follow the money. Government officials in Washington D.C. are effectively waging a crusade against a perceived epidemic of sexual assault in the military. Consistent media pressure, combined with a string of absurd documentaries, has riled up Washington’s lobbyists, who are more than willing to divert government money to combating the sexual assault “threat” and ending it for good.

What does all of this mean to you? From the moment you’re suspected of a sexual assault crime, you’ll be treated like a criminal. You’ll be hauled in for questioning. A case will be built against you, often founded on nothing but hearsay and conjecture, and then you’ll be taken to court, where the government will send its best and most accomplished prosecutors against you. Before you know what’s happening, before it even becomes real, you’re convicted of a sexual assault crime, branded a sex offender, thrown in prison and stripped of your military rank and pay.

Don’t believe us? Talk to 9 out of 10 service members that are brought in for the same crime as you. They’ll tell you the real story about how fanatical the government and its military prosecutors are when it comes to sexual assault charges.

But my case is different. Surely the jury will realize that this was consentual sex, not rape

Don’t be so sure that the jury will believe your word over the word of the alleged victim. The military’s prosecutors are adept at maneuvering the evidence against you in court. Truth has little to do with the outcome of a trial. All you really have between you and a guilty verdict is your defense team’s ability to see through the prosecution’s narrative. And if that 90% conviction rate is any indication, most sexual assault defense attorneys are woefully inept when it comes to this critical step.

Bilecki & Tipon takes on a dozen or more cases each year involving service members desperate to prove their innocence in a sexual assault violation they didn’t commit. These service members realized that despite having the TRUTH on their side, it wasn’t going to protect them against a dogged and tenacious government opponent that could bend and manipulate the facts. The only thing these service members knew COULD protect them was a highly capable defense team; a team with expert cross-examination skills, connections with forensic experts across the country, and knowledge of the court martial culture in Korea.

The “victim” in a sexual assault case has everything to gain by seeing you convicted

No one is safe from being accused of sexual assault in today’s military. Anyone from a recruit to a 4-star general could be found guilty of such a crime. That’s because the victim in a sexual assault case has everything to gain and nothing to lose by pointing fingers.

Below are just a few of the benefits that a victim of a sexual assault will receive under today’s military law:

· Financial compensation

· Expedited transfer to a base of their choice

· Option for an honorable discharge from the military

And this is just the beginning. The reality is that someone playing the victim card is highly motivated to see you accused of this crime. Whether it’s because they had a few drinks and woke up realizing they’ve made a terrible mistake (and want to take it out on someone other than themselves), or they have an immediate desire to escape their current military duties, this kind of thing happens enough to where anyone could be accused of sexual assault—and nobody is safe.

What is it going to take to beat these charges?

If there’s any one thing that’s going to help you beat charges of sexual assault, it’s a realization that your fight will NOT be easy, and that you’ll be facing an uphill battle from the moment you set foot in court to the minute you leave it. This realization is important because it’s going to help you make the best decision possible regarding who will defend you in court.

What you DO know is that 9 out of 10 service members are convicted of their sexual assault crime. You also may be aware that most service members have no idea what they’re up against, and are more willing to gamble by electing to have their defense prepared by a free military-detailed defense counsel. But anyone that expects an overworked and under-experienced defense counsel to see through every one of the prosecution’s plays is kidding themselves. The same could be said of someone who chose to hire a civilian attorney with little to no experience in the court martial world, let alone a court martial taking place in Korea.

You have to WANT your win at court, and that means hiring the best defense attorney possible

Bilecki & Tipon LLLC has a history of winning “unwinnable” sexual assault cases. We come to the table with 30 plus years of combined experience and hundreds of cases taken to verdict. We are the premier law firm operating in the Pacific Rim today and have been defending clients throughout Korea for years.

We’re more than just a law firm. We’re a statement. When we walk into court with you, it sends the message that you will not be trod upon, you will fight to achieve the best outcome possible for your case, and you won’t be turned into just another statistic that the military prosecutors can send to Washington D.C.

You deserve better. You deserve to have the best on your day in court. Contact the law firm of Bilecki & Tipon TODAY at (800) 996-9747 and together we’ll take the fight to the prosecution.