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Welcome to Bilecki & Tipon, where service members are our top priority and winning is our passion. We believe that every service member, no matter how difficult their case may appear, deserves a shot at a fair trial.

We specialize in difficult-to-win (some might say impossible-to-win) court scenarios where accused service members stand to lose everything—their benefits, their rank, their military careers, their futures and their freedoms. Our clients may not fully understand what they’re up against when they retain us. All they know is that the cost of hiring an independent defense team will be cheaper in the long run to being found guilty of the crime they’re accused of.

Bilecki & Tipon was founded by veterans of the U.S. Military and U.S. JAG Corps. We’ve since taken hundreds of cases to verdict, successfully defending our clients from a wide range of charges including sexual assault, violent crimes, fraud and larceny charges, and more. We’ve also assisted service members in state court in Hawaii with managing their divorces, child custody decisions, alimony struggles, and immigration matters. Securing the best possible outcome possible for these individuals.

More importantly, Bilecki & Tipon understands what you’re up against when you walk into court. The cases we take on involve some of the most experienced and knowledgeable prosecutors in the JAG Corps. Underestimating their skill or their desire to see you convicted is one of the easiest ways to be found guilty in your court martial case. Bilecki & Tipon comes into every case prepared, with a strategy ready to win. We take no chances with our client’s futures. Just as our clients have protected and served our country, now it’s our turn to protect and serve them.

The Bilecki & Tipon team is headed by court martial attorneys Timothy J. Bilecki and Noel Tipon, and assisted by an experienced team of investigators, consultants, associates, and forensic specialists. Our goal in every case is to go above and beyond what the prosecution expects. The military’s prosecutors are so used to winning easy cases, they never see us coming.

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Timothy J. Bilecki

Managing Partner of Bilecki & Tipon, Mr. Bilecki is an experienced court martial defense lawyer who represents Service Members accused of serious crimes anywhere in the world.

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Noel Tipon

Noel Tipon is an international criminal defense lawyer based in Honolulu, Hawaii who defends US Military service members worldwide.

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Michael Waddington

Michael Waddington, one of the most renowned military defense attorneys in the world, is a Trial Consultant to Bilecki & Tipon, LLLC.

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