Proudly Serving Military Members Facing Court Martial

Attorney for Court Martial Defense Serving Camp Casey and Camp Humphreys

Bilecki & Tipon has gained a reputation as one of the world's top defense law firms for members of the armed forces facing court martial. Our firm is based in Honolulu, and is always on the move to the various military bases throughout the world, including Camp Casey and Camp Humphreys in Korea. We are passionate defenders of our clients, and our goal is to provide the highest quality defense counsel, and to level the playing field in military court. In the military justice system, unfortunately the deck is stacked against you. You may feel that you have little chance to avoid the extreme consequences of a conviction. At our firm, we take our duty to our clients very seriously, and we have prevailed in many difficult cases tried in military court, including well publicized, high profile cases. Our experience and knowledge is extensive, and all of our legal team are highly qualified, professional and dedicated to providing the level of defense counsel you need on your side in military court.

If you are stationed at Camp Casey or Camp Humphreys and are charged under the UCMJ and facing court martial, you should understand the challenges you will be dealing with. Although you have the right to be provided an attorney through the military, unfortunately, many of these young attorneys lack the experience to craft a case for the defense that is successful, and often urge clients to plead guilty. This situation makes your chances of success very small, particularly when the conviction rate in military court is over 90%. You must be able to "level the playing field," and engage the services of a defense attorney that has an exceptional level of ability, an intimate knowledge of the military justice system, and a personal dedication to you, your case and your future freedom.

Our Accomplishments and Background

Our founding attorney and managing partner established his private practice after gaining recognition as one of the best lawyers serving in the military. He served as an Army major, and was Senior Defense Counsel for the U.S. Army Trial Defense Service, Pacific Rim Region, as well as a Special Assistant United States Attorney in Honolulu, and was widely recognized as one of the best attorneys serving the military. He turned to private practice with the goal of providing members of the forces, whether Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard, with the best possible defense counsel in all types of charges and cases, from general courts martial through to non-judicial punishments. He has gathered together some of the most effective and accomplished legal minds with the objective of serving members of the military facing charges. These well-known and respected lawyers include Michael Waddington, a former Army Chief of Military Justice as special counsel and trial consultant, Brian Bouffard, an honor graduate of the Naval Justice School, and former Lieutenant Commander in the JAG Corps. Attorney Phil Cave is an affiliate lawyer who is a retired Navy Judge Advocate with over 30 years of military law experience, and has a great depth of experience in successfully appealing miscarriages of justice for members of the military. The legal team also is proud to have one of the most relentless cross examiners and former United States Army Judge Advocate and Pre-Trial Military Magistrate, Ernesto Gapasin.

Military Justice: The Deck is Stacked Against You

Unfortunately, there is little doubt that the military justice system has great challenges for the accused. Guilty or innocent, in many cases, the defendant will find that the prosecution team will outweigh the defense team by a factor of 5 to 1. On top of this factor, you can expect that all of those involved, from judge down to every member serving on the prosecution team, are usually well known to each other and have a great deal of mutual respect. There is an effective way to deal with this situation – come at it with an equally powerful defense team that knows the system and has already achieved impressive case results in many difficult cases. When you hire our firm, the prosecution understands that you mean business. Don't take chances with your future. Call us today.

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