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Are you facing court martial? Don't take chances with your freedom and reputation. At Camp Casey, the 6,300 members of the Army, from the highest rank to the lowest, could suddenly find themselves facing criminal charges and court martial. In military court, the deck is stacked against you, and there is over a 90% conviction rate. It is necessary to get legal representation from defense counsel that is highly qualified and prepared to aggressively defend your case. It is advised that you do not submit to an interrogation without first getting legal representation. You may be innocent or there are other circumstances that have not been revealed. We want your side of the story. No matter what your situation, you need a defense attorney that knows the military criminal justice system and knows how to fight, and fight hard.

Our firm has gained a reputation for success in court martial defense. As a serving member of the military, you can get defense counsel provided to you by the Trial Defense Service. Who will your defense lawyer be? In many cases, you will be assigned a young, inexperienced attorney without the skills you will need to fight back effectively. The prosecution team will know you are ready to fight when they find that you are represented by Bilecki & Tipon – we are known for our exceptional work, our qualifications and our determination to protect the rights of our clients in military court.

Whether you are accused of an offense involving child pornography, are one of those facing charges of desertions & AWOL, drug crimes, or are involved in a high profile case, or charges of larceny & financial fraud, violent crimes or are facing non-judicial punishment, we urge you to contact our firm immediately. We are based in Honolulu and travel to Korea and Camp Casey to defend our clients. We are determined to level the playing field for our clients in military court. We defend service members accused sex crimes under the new Article 120 including sexual assault. Through a response to heavy lobbying and the assertion that accusations of rape have been not been handled correctly by the military, there is now an increase in the numbers of service members facing court martial for this offense.

The Dangers of Criminal Charges in the Military

Service members face an extreme challenge when charged with a crime and facing a court martial. The deck is stacked against you. The prosecution team may outnumber the defense by a factor of 5 to 1. It is not uncommon for an accused individual to have their rights violated and feel that there is no hope. When our legal team arrives to defend you, the prosecution knows you mean business, and you are ready to fight. Don't become just another statistic – we can help fight back. Our legal team is powerful, has a high level of experience, and all members of our defense team have a long record of serving in the military justice system. We know how the system works, the challenges that must be overcome, and how to aggressively pursue justice for our clients. The earlier we get involved in your case the better. Contact our firm before you respond to any questions from investigators, as you can expect to be arrested within hours or days if you are being questioned in a criminal case.

Court Martial Defense: Our Strategy

The first step is a full investigation of every detail of the case against you. We seek out other evidence to support the case for the defense, we interview all witnesses, and carefully evaluate every detail of the prosecution's case. Preparing the defense case must be initiated at once. Planning for a successful outcome includes careful defense case preparation. We have discovered evidence that completely exonerated our clients through our efforts, whether other witnesses, video and at trial through our aggressive cross examination of witnesses. Whether you are facing a special court martial, general court martial or other legal situation, the defense team you have on your side could not be more important. We know the system, have the background and experience in the military justice process, and we are personally committed to protecting the rights of service members in courts martial. The repercussions of a conviction can mean the end of your military career, reduction in rank, discharge, prison, loss of pay and other consequences. Don't risk it – get a Camp Casey court martial defense attorney that truly knows how to operate within the system and is ready to level the playing field for you.

Court Martial Defense Team with Experience and a Record of Success

Our founding attorney and managing partner, Timothy J. Bilecki, formerly served as a Major in the U.S. Army, and over his term of service in the Army, he served as Senior Defense Counsel for the US Army Trial Defense Service, Pacific Rim Region. He also spent two tours as a defense and senior defense counsel as well as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Widely recognized as one of the top trial attorneys in the Army during that time, when he completed his military service he assembled some of the most experienced lawyers in the world, with extensive backgrounds and experience as members of the armed forces and in serving in the military justice system. We know how to work within the restrictions of the system, how to get results, and how to fight back for our clients. Call today for information about how we can help you with your case.

Contact a Camp Casey court martial defense lawyerfrom our firm at once if you are under investigation or facing charges.

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