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Don't become another statistic of the military justice system. The deck is stacked against you, and most members of the Armed Forces are aware that there is serious danger when facing criminal charges in military court. The prosecution team can outnumber the defense by 5 to 1, and the odds can seem insurmountable. Although you have the right to legal representation for your defense, supplied to you by the Trial Defense Service, it is likely that you will have a young and inexperienced attorney assigned to your defense. The prosecution team has the unlimited resources of the U.S. government to call upon. You need a Camp Humphreys court martial defense attorney that can level the playing field. Our legal team has impressive credentials to bring to the table. When the prosecution sees that you have hired our firm for your defense, they know you take your defense seriously and that they have a real fight on their hands.

Military Defense Attorney Serving Camp Humphreys Personnel

We don't allow our clients to be steamrollered by the military justice system. We are zealous advocates for the rights of our clients, and our years of experience serving within the military justice system while service members allows us to have the level of knowledge, experience and insight necessary to be effective. At Bilecki & Tipon, our approach is to immediate move into trial preparation, including investigation, interviews and strategic defense planning. Many law firms do not engage in an independent investigation of the facts, a great disservice to the accused. This factor alone adds to the more than 90% rate of convictions for those accused of criminal acts while serving in the military. We often travel to Camp Humphreys and should speak with you immediately if you are under investigation or have already been charged. We engage in personally conducted interviews and our trial preparation is extensive. When the case commences, we are prepared, we have all aspects of the defense case in order and documented, and we are ready to fight. We are recognized for our legal prowess in military court and in court martial defense.

Camp Humphreys Court Martial Defense Attorney with Extensive Experience

Are you facing a legal problem involving child pornography, desertions & AWOL or accused of drug crimes? What happens to you at court martial is largely dependent upon the skills and experience of your defense counsel. We have successfully represented service members in many high profile cases, in charges involving larceny & financial fraud, as well as defending against non-judicial punishment, sex crimes, and all types of violent crimes. One of the crucial aspects of a defense case is to explore the scene of the alleged crime. The prosecution has a wake-up call when we bring our case, whether in a general court martial, special court martial, article 32 hearing or other legal proceeding. We present a fully documented and supported defense case, and we are highly skilled at cross-examination of witnesses. We are locked and loaded and ready to launch a persuasive, intelligent and strategic defense for our clients. We have the highest respect for members of the Armed Forces, their service, and believe in their right to a justice system that treats them fairly. Intensive and effective cross-examination of witnesses that is well-prepared and exposes the untruths and exaggerations is one of the key factors in winning a case. We know the process and when we enter the court martial, you can expect us to engage in a hard-hitting, well-planned cross-examination with the objective of exposing sloppy investigations, coerced confessions and other common issues in that can impact the accused individual facing military court.

Credibility and Confidence

The prosecution team is automatically given credibility, and is usually intimately connected with all other members present, and the higher-ups on the base. Your defense lawyer has what we call a "credibility deficit" – they are not as respected or admired as those who serve in the prosecution, and usually not as well-connected. When the panel distrusts the defense lawyer and admires the prosecution, the outcome of a case can be slam dunk. When we defend a case, the prosecution knows that we are highly skilled, effective and that you intend to fight back on every front. We have prevailed for our clients in a wide range of difficult cases, and we are known for bringing a credible, well researched and compelling case to military court. A court martial is a legal minefield, with many more challenges than would be faced in civilian court, and we are very familiar with every aspect of the process – for good reason. Our trial team is all former members of the military, and served for years in top positions in the military justice system. What better way to fight back? Call upon our defense team to level the playing field and to fight for you with skill, determination, insight and a full knowledge of the inner workings of the military justice system. Don't become one more statistic – let us help you fight back.

Contact our Fort Humphreys court martial defense lawyer at Bilecki & Tipon immediately if you are under investigation or are facing any military justice matter.

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